About play forest

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PlayForest Cooperative

Share Memories of through the forest trip

Connection between guide and traveler

Provide information for forest ecology tour

Vision & Mission


best forest-ecology tour platform
for sharing and finding way of coexistence between nature and human


  • For Traveler

    A touching trip through nature's healing

  • For Forest

    Restore forest and a trip of life recovery

  • For Local Community

    Enhance cultural pride through opportunity to generate jobs and earnings

Operational Principle


Fair trade


Share information
and resource


Sustainable coexistence
between forest-village-human


PlayForest Cooperative

  • Cooperative with banding and participating regional 'conceptual' ecological touring businessmen
  • Sponsor who will take part in the purpose, participation of potential consumer member
  • Democratic operation in accordance with the 7 Principles of Cooperative

Seven Principles of Cooperatives

  • 1


    Member participation from anyone who agrees with our value, freedom of seccession

  • 2

    Democratic management

    Yearly member's assembly, one vote per person

  • 3

    Ecomomical participation

    Minimum of one account for investment and union dues for member subscription

  • 4

    Education, training

    Regular member education, mailling, information and etc, provide

  • 5

    Cooperation among the cooperatives

    Networking among the value-sharing cooperatives, social enterprises, NGOs and etc

  • 6

    Contribution towards regional community

    Pursuits tourist business that protects regional resource and develops

  • 7

    Autonomy and independence

    Duty to protect the value of cooperative and endure


Forest Guide

Democratic operation by members

  • Cooperative where it's jointly owned and operated
  • Emphasis on member's duty and right
  • Transparent information sharing

Member benefits

  • Member discount when participating a program
  • Profit distribution (40% of profit distributed to member)
  • Sales opportunity for regional eco-products (Step-by-Step prosecution)
  • Guide Capability enhancement education and consulting (Step-by-Step prosecution)

Secure consumer trust

  • Green Host (Forest-ecology tourist) certification awarded to provider of quality program after evaluation
  • Increase of positive consumer preference and trust

Forest Tourist

Individualized ecology tour oppertunity

  • Specializes in quality ecology tour program
  • Professionalized and unique tour program

Fullfill ecology awareness through touring

  • Practice ecology-aware lifestyle thourgh touring Green Coin (Forest campaign) accumulated through tour product purchase and Eco-Lodge usage

Nice enterprise that saves forest

  • Fair tour saves both forset and regional resource
  • Return profit to promote forset-ecology campaige and CO2 reduction movement (30% of profit distributed to forest campaign fund, etc)