Tour programs

Forest-ecology tour program

  • 1. Deep eco tour for true healing
  • 2. Ecology tour for youths, children, and families
  • 3. Custom program for enterprise, VIP, and etc

A day in saved forest

Citizen and tourist who wants real healing in a forest
Forest tour that goes through desolate and natural forest, such as individually owned and preciously nurtured forest and national forest
A day in bamboo groove, nurtured by native grass researcher Moon-Hee, Jun.A day in 80 years old larch forest. A day in Sagimakri pine mushroom gathering forest

Walk his forest path

Tourist who wants a meditation opportunity, as well as extensive information on forest, river, and Korea’s ecology
Accompany a professional in ecology and cultural art, hike his forest course together. Forest tour with stories of nature, human, and life
Arboretum visitation with the previous head of Korea Forest Service, Yun-Hwan, Jo, who became a forest commentator

Unplugged Ecology Tour(Camping)

Out of the busy ordianry life from electronic devices and smartphones, those who want a wholesome meeting with the nature. Youths, teens, children, and families who are interesting in ecology tour
Turning off electronic devices and smartphones, an ecology tour where you meet only the nature and the village within. Various plans available according to the participant groups, their size, and characteristics

Beautiful Forest Trip

Mysterious harmony created by forest and human, Hokkaido garden show

Hokkaido garden show, started out as a thousand year forest project to preserve and nurture trees instead of ski resorts. From thousand year forest to Manabe garden, Biei, Ueno farm, Daisets Mori-no garden, and Daisets Mountain National Park, join the director of PlayForest, Jae-Hyun, Kim, on a tour around beautiful and colorful gardens of Hokkaido

Beautiful forest, and its hidden story: Daegwallyeong – Ohdae Mountain

With a forest guide, visit national tournament awarded Daegwallyeong Geumgang pine forest path and Ohdae mountain fir tree forest path, and Woljeong temple, and experience forest healing center’s forest healing program.

Beautiful forest, and its hidden story: Damyang

With Culture&Arts Dam Cooperative and cultural tourism interpreters of Damyang, experience regional culture and food of beautiful forest national tournament awarded Metasequoia road, Gwanbangjerim forest, and Myeon gokheon garden, following the culture and taste for art on the road of Damyang forest road